Love this tincture! Works great!

Richard M

This product helps me a lot! Also, it has a clean taste, compared to many others that usually taste too hempy.

Gayla M

Very good product at a very good price.

Michael R

Helps me relax.

Natalia G

I always have my Calm tincture on me, I take it first thing in the morning and then throughout the day. Amazing product.

Karina G

I really like this the night formula. I’ve tried many other products but this one actually seems to work for me!

Rick H

I am 65 years old and so far this is the best hemp extract I tried so far!

Betty B

Love this product. I take it before bed and so far it does the trick.

Oliver L

I purchased several bottles as gifts for my parents and in-laws and they loved it! Best gift for your loved ones.

Katie R

Every time I forget to take Wellness my body reminds me as I feel so much better when I take it! Now I keep one with my vitamins so I don’t forget.

I’m very pleased with the Delta 8 Gummies. And I’m using the Harmony for post operative knee pain. This works well for me.
I was disappointed that the promised free bottle of wellness that Tyler said he’d send me would catch up with my order. But not as of yet.

Holly Schimmelpfennig

The delta 8 gummies are simply amazing! Reaping the downside of being a military helicopter crewman for decades, my back and knees let me know worked them very hard for many years. The delta 8’s allow me to get a good night’s sleep whi9le alleviating much of the pain. Well done Tyler! Thanks so much for helping me fing a non-pharmaceutical method of pain management.


I thought you had done all there is to do with the delta 8 gummies. Then, you came out with your CBD cooling cream, what an amazing product! Truly a modern wonder for pain management! Outstanding product! Well done Tyler!

Rod G