We promise a safe, pure experience that is authentic and effective.


Our Promise.

We use the highest quality plants, organically grown in the USA. All of the hemp we use is grown in the beauty of Montana and Colorado. Pure organic farming, fresh water, and precision extraction come together to create pure hemp extract and terpenes for the purest, most luxurious hemp products.

Our laboratories utilize a state-of-the-art, food-grade, CO2 and Ethanol extraction process. This allows us to produce highly concentrated hemp oil, with no solvents or impurities. Our creation processes set us apart from the competition.

We are here to create and share natural remedies that build a foundation of trust with our customers.

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Benefits of CO2 Extraction.

The CO2 Extraction process allows the extraction of separate components including terpenes. This process results in the highest yield and efficiency possible. This process yields 100% pure plant extract, free of residual solvents, making room for more of the good stuff. There is no winterization and limited post-processing, keeping our products pure and effective.

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Benefits of Ethanol Extraction

We also use Ethanol extraction to create our herb-infused formulas. Not only is ethanol efficient in extracting CBD from plant material, but it’s also classified “Generally Regarded as Safe” by the FDA and is already used in many common foods and medicines. One of the many benefits of our extraction technology is can be used to extract CBD-rich plant material. Ethanol is commonly used for plant extractions. It is a proven method in producing extraordinarily high-quality CBD oil, as well as other cannabinoid oils.

Solvent-free, turpene-rich, distillate quality level, full or broad-spectrum oil.


Our Laboratories

Our laboratories have more than 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing and processing control. We use an organic MCT oil base and the highest quality essential oils, to make our hemp extract tinctures as premium as possible. In order to ensure that our products are pure, premium, and safe, they are all tested by a third-party laboratory that specializes in cannabis. This allows us to create hemp extracts with accurate potency, that is free from any contaminants. Everything we do, we do with meticulous attention to detail to put you on your journey to relief.

We recognize the power of the plant